Our Solution is Configurable and Customizable to suit your requirements. It contains building blocks to quickly make applications.

Integrate with other applications seamlessly

Compare PDF

Compare PDF documents in native format. Added and Deleted text are shown in Green and Red color respectively without losing any content


Extract information from PDF automatically.

  • Option to validate the data used for training.

  • Preference set up to extract data manually or using ML.

  • Customize the data parameters on the go.

Clause Analysis

Clauses/Paragraphs are Auto-Identified.

  • Can be assigned to other teams

  • Find Similar clauses

  • Add actionable remarks etc to clauses

  • Compare clauses contextually

Similar Clauses

Get similar documents for easier comparison and further processing

Auto ML

ML models can be trained online with less or no ML knowledge.

Auto Annotation

One click Auto Annotation helps in saving time to manually annotate.

This can be corrected manually which machine will learn on the go.

Downloadable data for entity extraction training. 

Centralized Server

Data is saved centrally in server database.

Access all the files centrally which makes it easier to manage.


Collaborate with multiple teams effortlessly .

Different teams can work simultaneously on the same document.

Content Search

Context based search helps to 

  • Search PDF content

  • Search annotations and remarks

  • Search based on a para context

Auto OCR

Convert Scanned PDF to searchable PDF.

Auto Tagging

Clauses are tagged automatically which helps in reducing effort to assign to multiple teams/Dept.