Intelligent Document Processing

AI enabled Intelligent Document Processing

We help businesses to process documents and extract information automatically with right techniques to improve your business & ROI.

For Quicker & Accurate business insights

How do we help you?

Get all your Contracts, Proposals, Legal documents etc organized centrally. With AI, dumb documents are made intelligent to get your data faster to act upon.

Save Time, Resource and Money

Document classification


Become a Leader across all the competitors with quicker data availability. Multiple teams can work simultaneously which reduces repetitive references.

Online contract management system


Increase productivity by using resources effectively. Reduce manual errors and improve information accuracy. 

Integrate with other systems for easier workflow.

Unstructured data processing


Machine learning models can be re-used.

Configurable components to quickly make applications.Self service ML solution makes it easier for any one to deploy the cutting edge technology with ease.

About US

Our Story

We are a newly established AI and Digital transformation start-up. With decades of experience in industry and technology, we thought that a start up is the right platform to help businesses at large to reap the benefits of latest state-of-the-art AI technologies.

Our Vision

We are at the door steps of another major technological change in human history. Artificial Intelligence is going to change businesses and our lives in many positive ways. Our vision is to accelerate this change to bring the benefits of tomorrow to today for our customers.


We use latest state-of-the-art technologies to serve our customer. Most of our AI solutions are based on open source technologies. We develop our own frameworks to speed up implementation of solutions to the customer.


Meet The Team


Pavithra Murugesan

Senior Data Scientist

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Balaji Krishnan

Business Analyst


Neha Yerpula

Data Scientist


        Pavan Singh

Founder, Data Scientist

Vinodhkumar Kotni

Application Developer


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